Empress Myung-Sung-Hwang-Hu (명성황후), mean grilling like it’s photo day at school.
Myung-Sung ruled the Korean Empire for 22 years (1873-1895) and fought for Korean independence because the empire was established as a puppet nation under imperial Japan. She bravely defied and fought against the royal court that was under Japanese influence and pursued aid from China, Russia, and USA. Her efforts translated into the first Sino-Japanese war. The Empress was eventually assassinated and raped by her captors inside her palace while the court audience were forced to watch.
Myung-Sung-Hwang-Hu is one of the most important symbols in Korean independence and has inspired freedom fighters throughout Korean history. She was an inspiration for the first women militia band leader Yoon Hee-Soon (1860-1935), Korean independence leader Yoo Gwan-Soon (1902-1920), and Korean nationalist Ahn Joong-Geun (1879-1910).
I encourage anyone interested to learn more about her through research and reading as she was a fascinating and charismatic person. Her suffix, ‘Hwang-Hu’ means ‘Empress’.

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