Jirisan Ggoma

Nutty, vegetal ‘goh-soh’ (Korean Umami) with subtle hints of marine aroma.

Handpicked and hand-processed organic wild bush tea grown naturally without any artificial shading in Jirisan, Hadong.


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Jirisan is a mountain in Hadong county and is home to Korea’s highest grade green tea, created using the oldest picking and processing traditions.  Instead of relying on industrial machines and artificial shading, the tea bushes of Jirisan are shaped by the mountain’s natural characteristics, giving Jirisan green tea its wild, raw flavour.  Jirisan is also the tallest mountain in mainland Korea, 2nd to Hanlasan in Jeju Island.

‘Ggoma’ means ‘small child’ in ‘Toh-bakimal’ (Pure-Korean), and is the name given to this tea because they are young leaves.  Younger leaves are generally graded higher and have more complex subtleties in flavour.

Learn more about Jirisan from our blog.



Steep 2g of tea for 2 minutes in 200ml of water at 70ºC.

Increase tea, steep time, water temperature to your liking.

Consult our guide to learn more.


Loose Leaf:  Each pack includes 45g of tea.

Bagged:  Each pack includes 20 tea bags (2g/bag).


Weight55.55 g
Dimensions9 × 5.5 × 15 cm

bagged, loose leaf