Hadong Nok

An earthy, organic green tea with a kick of spicy herbal tones, harvested in Hadong.

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Hadong county is known for its abundant rainfalls, deep valleys, and rapid rivers; which all make up to create the perfect climate for green tea.  More than 1200 years ago, it is said that monks have grown wild tea bushes all around the Southern regions of Korea, but in 828 AD, the king himself anointed Hadong to officially be the birthplace of green tea cultivation.  Hadong boasts one of the oldest Korean green tea processing traditions and continues to be one of the top regions for tea production in Korea.

Learn more about Hadong in our blog.



Steep 2g of tea for 2 minutes in 200ml of water at 70ºC.

Increase tea, steep time, water temperature to your liking.

Consult our guide to learn more.


Loose Leaf:  Each pack includes 45g of tea.

Bagged:  Each pack includes 20 tea bags (2g/bag).

Weight57.74 g
Dimensions9 × 5.5 × 17 cm

bagged, loose leaf