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Hadong Garu

Natural sunlight and shading has painted this green tea powder in its pale, lime colour.  Hadong Garu has a strong flavour profile majorly consisting of bold, Earthy taste.

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Korean Malcha (Mal: powder; Cha: tea) is different from Japanese Matcha (Mat: powder; Cha: tea) in that the tea bushes are generally raised naturally without much or any human manipulation.  These human involvements will include artificial shading, which is the major factor in creating deeper colours, sweeter taste, and caffeine production; and nitrogen supplements, which is required for shaded bushes to substitute for the minimal sunlight they receive.   Our Hadong Garu (Garu: powder in pure Korean), provides an experience that is in the opposite spectrum, with a bold, Earthy flavour that is true to the green tea bush and its natural environment.

Read our Tea Guide to see recipes or other preparation ideas.

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