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Bosung Nok

An adventurous, organic green tea with hints of nut and sweet & sour hay, harvested in the valleys of Oon-Rim, Bosung.



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During the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1939, the Japanese claimed Bosung to be the region fit to produce black tea for Japan.  As the Japanese later fled Korea upon their defeat in WW2, the tea plantations of Bosung had to be abandoned or burned down due to poverty and economic hardships that came with the Korean War.  While most plantations turned into your average farm, some tea bushes survived in the wild, waiting patiently to return to civilization.  Few years later, with Korea’s rapid economic development, tea culture surely enough returned to Bosung, and the wild tea bushes that survived were used to rebuild the plantations.  Today, Bosung is the top producer of green tea in Korea, and the culture and identity of the entire province is dedicated around celebrating green tea.

Our Bosung Nok is from multi-award winning farm in Oon-Rim, a tea village in the valleys of Bosung.

Learn more about Bosung in our blog.



Steep 2g of tea for 2 minutes in 200ml of water at 70ºC.

Increase tea, steep time, water temperature to your liking.

Consult our guide to learn more.


Loose Leaf:  Each pack includes 45g of tea.

Bagged:  Each pack includes 20 tea bags (2g/bag).

Weight57.74 g
Dimensions9 × 5.5 × 17 cm

bagged, loose leaf